Tuesday, December 13, 2011

About Jamie

All thoughts presented here are my own and don't represent those of my employer, my family, my college fraternity, or any customer loyalty programs I may be a member of.

Why is this post called "About Jamie"? Two reasons. One, it's about me. Two, I sometimes like to talk about myself in the third person.

I'm just a guy who struggles with life-work balance. I know that isn't the common order to list those items in, but I'm not a common man.

I'm a very fortunate husband of one, father of four, and master of none. Whether I'm breaking away to be online or being online while not being thoughtful enough to physically break away I can be found on Facebook, blogging on the Suburban Father Alliance, and tweeting away as @JamieXXL, where my avatar is me joyfully and thoughtfully ferrying drinks for LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE.

I'm a business intelligence guy generally, and an SAP BusinessObjects guy specifically. In that role, I work for whoever is most current on my LinkedIn profile and serve as an SAP Mentor and an ASUG Volunteer. You can find me online tweeting as @OswaldXXL, blogging on the SAP Community Network, and podcasting and toasting for the Diversified Semantic Layer. You can tell I'm all business because I've traded the bottled beer in my Twitter avatar for a plastic cup of wine, which is classier, and added a gallon of milk, which shows my commitment to bone density.